Our Mission | reaching every person. rescuing every child.

ZOE rescues children and orphans from human trafficking in Thailand, Southeast Asia, the United States and wherever children are in danger of falling victim to modern day slavery. ZOE is committed to providing comprehensive aftercare to child trafficking victims. This unique program provides more than shelter and education to child victims of slavery. Our focus is on raising these children with the love of God to bring complete healing and restoration to their lives.



Recent Blogs

You Can Be A Hero Too!
Date: 28 Aug 2014
Hero: a man of distinguished courage or ability, admired for his brave deeds and noble qualities. When we hear the word “hero” perhaps a name or face pops into your head.  It could be someone who did something great......

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Missionaries’ Thai Report Card
Date: 24 Aug 2014
Easily one of the most daunting tasks of any missionary moving into a different culture is adjusting to the language.  For some, perhaps their native language is spoken in the new culture, but many times, a missionary has to go through......

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Helping Trafficking Victims in Los Angeles
Date: 21 Aug 2014
You, our partners, have not only provided generous financial support, but have also provided many practical items from ZOE’s Needs List for trafficking victims.These practical donations have included toiletries and backpacks.......

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