Our Mission | reaching every person. rescuing every child.

ZOE’s first objective is to reach every person possible with the love of God and to present the gospel of Christ to people who have never heard the story of Jesus inviting them to a life transformation through Christ. ZOE’s second objective is to help rescue every child possible from human trafficking globally through our innovative and comprehensive prevention, rescue, and restoration programs which effectively transform each child from their past and give them opportunity for a better future.



Recent Blogs

Could I Become A Victim of Human Trafficking?
Date: 29 Jul 2015
Many students have never thought of the possibility of becoming a victim of human trafficking. The truth is that approximately 300,000 youth run away from home in the U.S every year. (US Department of Justice) 1 in 3 teen......

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Kids Are Making an Impact in Pennsylvania!
Date: 27 Jul 2015
This summer has been a busy season for ZOE’s Kids Helping Kids program.  The feedback we have been receiving from those who have participated in the program have been overwhelming.  Teaching children about missions and to be cheerful......

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My Generation, My Fight
Date: 22 Jul 2015
We love the term ”My Generation, My Fight” because it tells us that we have a responsibility to fight for what is right in our generation. It affects everyone, not just the new, younger generations. No matter what generation......

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