Our Mission | reaching every person. rescuing every child.

ZOE’s first objective is to reach every person possible with the love of God and to present the gospel of Christ to people who have never heard the story of Jesus inviting them to a life transformation through Christ. ZOE’s second objective is to help rescue every child possible from human trafficking globally through our innovative and comprehensive prevention, rescue, and restoration programs which effectively transform each child from their past and give them opportunity for a better future.



Recent Blogs

Doing What You Can, Where You Are
Date: 08 Feb 2016
The following is a guest post from our faithful ZOE supporter, Tammy Bauer. We asked her to write this because, like most of us, she is an ordinary individual who wants to end child trafficking. Using her sphere of influence,......

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Helping Just One Be Free
Date: 03 Feb 2016
When ZOE co-founder Carol Hart was a child, she learned about the shameful history of the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade and the pain and suffering it caused to generations of innocent people. Although she knew there was no way she could......

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Prayer Rescues In Ways We Can’t
Date: 25 Jan 2016
Prayer Changes a Boy's Heart At the heart and core of ZOE’s ministry--before, during, and after the rescuing and restoration of child trafficking victims--PRAYER is taking place around the clock; the prayers of the staff......

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